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Douglas P Easton

Research Professor (V)
(716) 878-3050
Campus Address: Science And Math Complex 386

Research Interests:

My research interests and the research in my laboratory center about the role of molecular chaperones in the stress responses of eukaryotic organisms. The work currently centers on the expression of heat-shock proteins in and the structure-function relationships of the heat shock proteins. Recently I have been investigating the role of hsp110 and grp170 in the development of  Drosophila  and C. elegans.

Current Research:

The role of hsp110 in the development of Drosphila melanogaster.

Recent Research Publications:

Near, J.C., Easton, D.P., Rutledge, P.S., Dickinson, D.P. and J.R. Spotila (1990) Heat shock protein  gene expression in intact salamanders (Eurycea bislineata) in response to calibrated heat shocks and high temperatures encountered in the field. J. Exptl Zool. 256:303

Lee-Yoon D., Easton, D., Murawski, M. Burd, R, and J.R. Subjeck (1995) Identification of a major subfamily of large hsp70-like proteins through the cloning of the mammalian 110-kDa heat shock protein. J. Biol. Chem. 270 15725-15733.

Chen, X., Easton, D., Oh, H.-J., Lee-Yoon, D., Liu, X., and J. Subjeck (1996) The 170 kDa glucose regulated stress protein is a large HSP70-, HSP110-like protein of the endoplasmic reticulum. FEBS Letters 380:68-72

Oh, Hyun Ju, Easton, D. , Murawski, M., Kaneko, Y. and J. Subjeck (1999)The Chaperoning Activity of Hsp 110: Identification of Functional Domains by Use of Targeted Deletions. J Biol. Chem. 274:22 15712-15718

Park, J, Easton, D.P., Chen, X, MacDonald, I.J. Wang, X-Y, and Subjeck, J.R. (2003) The Chaperoning Properties of Grp170, A member of the Third Family of Hsp70 Related Proteins. Biochemistry 42: 14893-14903

Review Articles:

Douglas P. Easton, Yoshiyuki Kaneko and John R. Subjeck (2000). The Hsp110 and Grp170 Stress Proteins: Newly Reccognized Relatives of the Hsp70s. Cell Stress and Chaperones 5:276-290

John G. Facciponte, Xiang-Yang Wang, Ian J. MacDonald, Jun-eui Park,Hilal Arnouk, Melissa J. Grimm, Ying Li,Hyung Kim, Masoud H. Manjili, Douglas P. Easton, John R. Subjeck.(2006) Heat shock proteins hsp70 and grp96: Structural insights.  Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy 55: 339-346

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