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Edward A Standora

(716) 878-5008
Campus Address: Science And Math Complex 368

Research Interests

I am a vertebrate ecologist and most recently my students and I have been conducting research on fish, lizards, and sea turtles. For almost 40 years I have been using biotelemetry to answer ecological questions. I have tracked and monitored the behavior of many different species, including sharks, freshwater fish, alligators, turtles, and even mice. I use radio, sonic, and most recently satellite telemetry systems for collecting data.  I prefer projects that are more quantitative than descriptive, and those that usually involve technology. My colleagues and I have studied the migratory pathways of adult leatherback sea turtles leaving nesting beaches in Costa Rica. I am especially interested in studies that investigate the effect of abiotic factors (temperature, sound, magnetic fields etc.) on organisms.

Past students have studied the effects of feeding sounds on predator and prey fish species, the ability of different species of sea turtle hatchlings to orient to different sounds and magnetic fields, and the effects of different hydric and thermal conditions on lizard hatching success.

Ongoing research

My current students are studying the thermal ecology of freely ranging turtles in a local population of spotted turtles, and food finding cues in captive axolotls.

In Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, I am working with students studying the movements, thermal ecology and home ranges of diamondback terrapins, and the impact of anthropogenic noises on turtle behavior and physiology.


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