Faculty and Staff

Thomas D White

(716) 878-6233
Campus Address: Science And Math Complex 369

Research Interests

Functional morphology; vertebrate biology; evolutionary morphology,especially vertebrate locomotion; exercise physiology; ecomorphology; the auditory system of frogs; paleontology; mammalogy.

Recent Publications

Reilly, S.M. and White, T.D. 2009. Breathing with your belly: abdominal exhalation, loco-ventilatory integration and size constraints on locomotion in small mammals. Zoology  112(3): 161-168

Reilly, S.M., McElroy, E.J. and White, T.D. 2009. Abdominal muscle function in venitlation and locomotion in new world opossums and basal eutherians: breathing and running with and without epipubic bones.  Journal of Morphology 270(8): 1014-1028


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