Christopher M. Pennuto, Ph.D.

Christopher M. Pennuto, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor Science And Math Complex 166A
Office: (716) 878-5203

Research Interests

Freshwater macroinvertebrate ecology, stream ecology, invasive species in the Great Lakes, behavioral ecology

Current Research Projects

  • Impact of non-native fish on lake and stream ecosystem processes.
  • Kairomones and anti-predator behavior.
  • Understanding fish migratory behavior.
  • WNY PRISM: partnership for regional invasive species management

Courses Taught

BIO 213 - Introduction to ecology, evolution, and behavior

BIO 389 – Behavioral ecology
BIO 430 - Stream Ecology

BIO 431 – Aquatic entomology
BIO 600 – Fundamentals of graduate study in Biology

Recent Publications

Bruestle EL, C Karboski, A Hussey, AT Fisk, K Mehler, C Pennuto, D Gorsky. 2019. Novel trophic interaction between lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) and invasive species in an altered food web. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 76:6-14

Cava Z, A McMillan, C Pennuto, R Warren. 2018. Hellbender prey preference is superseded by native and non-native prey behavior. Journal of Herpetology 52:162-170.

Pennuto CM, KA Cudney, CE Janik. 2018. Fish invasion alters ecosystem function in a small heterotrophic stream. Biological Invasions 20:1033-1047.

Pennuto CM, SM Rupprecht. 2016Upstream range expansion by invasive round gobies: is functional morphology important? Aquatic Ecology 50:45-57.

Pennuto CM, M Smith. 2015. From midges to spiders: mercury biotransport in riparian zones near the Buffalo River Area of Concern (AOC), USA. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology 95:701-706.

Pennuto CM, L Dayton, DD Kane, TB Bridgeman. 2014. Lake Erie nutrients: from watersheds to open waterJournal of Great Lakes Research 40:469-472

Karatayev, AY, LE Burlakova, CM Pennuto, J Ciborowski, VA Karatayev, P Juette, M Clapsadl. 2014.  Twenty-five years of changes in Dreissena spp. populations in Lake Erie. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40:550-559.

Burlakova LE, AY Karatayev, CM Pennuto, C Mayer. 2014. Changes in Lake Erie benthos over the last 50 years: historical perspectives, current status, and main drivers. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40:560-573.

Pennuto CM, LE Burlakova, AY Karatayev, J Kramer, A Fischer, C Mayer. 2014. Spatiotemporal characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus in the benthos of nearshore Lake Erie. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40:541-549.