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Students in Buffalo State's biology programs learn in a multi-disciplinary, hands-on environment and are prepared for exciting careers in performing laboratory, field, or quality-control work; or continuing their education in graduate school.

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Biology, B.A.

The B.A. in biology offers concentrations in integrative or aquatic biology. By taking appropriate courses from other departments, students also can prepare for admission to medical or veterinary school.

The biology honors program (B.A.) is for students who have demonstrated high standards of achievement and the ability to work independently.

Biology, B.A./B.S. Assessment Plan (PDF) Biology, B.A. Curriculum Map (PDF)
Students in the biology lab

Biology, B.S.

In addition to preparing students for careers at the bachelor's degree level, this degree program helps prepare students for graduate education in the fields of biology, health, and medicine.

Biology, B.A./B.S. Assessment Plan (PDF) Biology, B.S. Curriculum Map (PDF)
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Biology Minor

The biology minor is designed for students majoring in other departments who would like to develop an additional focus of study by completing a set of courses in biology.

The minor can be customized to enable students to develop a specialty in a wide range of fields.

Student in the biology lab

Biology, M.A.

The biology master of arts (M.A.) program prepares students for advanced research, professional employment, or study at the Ph.D. level.

Biology, M.A. Assessment Plan (PDF) Biology, M.A. Curriculum Map (PDF)