James H. Battaglia

Visiting Research Associate (V) Science and Mathematics Complex 56
Phone: (716) 878-4609
Email: battagjh@buffalostate.edu

Kelly G. Boos, B.A.

Pre-Health Advisement Prgrm Mgr E. H. Butler Library 149
Office: (716) 878-6674
Email: booskg@buffalostate.edu

Sandra M. Borbor-Sawyer, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar Science and Mathematics Complex 316
Phone: (716) 878-5203

Lyubov E. Burlakova

Adjunct Associate Professor (V) Science and Mathematics Complex 166
Phone: (716) 878-4504
Email: burlakle@buffalostate.edu
Shannon M. Casterline, B.A.

Shannon M. Casterline, B.A.

Instructional Support Specialist Science And Math Complex 337
Office: (716) 878-5208
Email: mcgheesm@buffalostate.edu

Susan M. Chislett

Administrative Assistant 1 Science And Math Complex 166
Office: (716) 878-5203
Email: chislesm@buffalostate.edu

Adam D. DePriest, M.S.

Instructional Support Technician Science And Math Complex 340
Office: (716) 878-4628
Email: depriead@buffalostate.edu

Wayne Gall

Adjunct Assistant Professor (V) Science And Math Complex 166
Phone: (716) 878-5203
Email: gallw@buffalostate.edu

Lee M. Krol

Lecturer Science And Math Complex 335
Office: (716) 878-9820
Email: krollm@buffalostate.edu

Olga S. Novikova, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Science And Math Complex 311
Office: (716) 878-5002
Email: novikoos@buffalostate.edu